This week’s competition winners are announced. My favourite is HI by Ran Fenwick. Hi is maybe the best word to start conversation with people. I am sure, we will start conversation easily with this t-shirt.

HI - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


My type tee submission

June 19, 2006

Like Ozgur, I'm a big fan of threadless and its community. I've submitted a t-shirt design previously and waiting for the results !  (pick me pick me ! šŸ™‚ ) Recently, I've added some type tee submission, please check them here and tell me what you think! 

My type tee submissions 

Here are my first slogan submissions

Please rate them

And here are Alemsah's slogan submissions, "I still have my legos" is my favourite


A flickr user skaw's brother covered his van with hundreds of Threadless stickers. Great example of creating passionate customers.



Unboxing Threadless

June 18, 2006

A marketing myth says that create surprising products to create word-of-mouth. It is usually true. But we also consider timing to create word-of-mouth. Unpackaging is usually peak point of people's desire to create buzz. Remember, your last excitement when you unbox a stuff.
At unboxing experience, Threadless provide people with gift cards, thank you notes and stickers. I am sure this tools trigger people to spread Threadless. My advice to other (boring) brands that give some shareable things in your package.







RSS as a marketing tool

June 18, 2006

Robert Scoble claims that:"if you do a marketing site and you don't have an RSS feed today you should be fired"

RSS is so important on today's information overload environment. Delivering that content in RSS is a way to tell your audiences that you care about their privacy– and that you’re confident your content is worth consuming on its own merits (via) RSS is different than email. Power of the channel is at readers. It is not spam and it must be all permission-based.


Threadless use RSS on every step of sites, such as announcements, forums, tees in stock. The most exciting use of RSS is "tees in stock". If you subscribe, every week, you receive the newest models of tees.

RSS link of tees in stock

Great article on why is RSS important  

Threadless is not only a social community around T-shirt, it is also medium to connect brands to world's most promising artists


Blik is a fun line of surface graphics brand. Last month Blik collaborated with Threadless to start a design competition on threadless. Competition rules are to design best surface graphics. Rules are the same as Threadless's own design competition. Winning design will be integrated into Blik product line as a wall graphic plus money rewards.

This competition was a great chance for Blik to connect world's most promising designers. It is very good example how other brands use Threadless as a medium. I expect, more and more brands follow Blik's way and collaborate with Threadless to connect designers. Big brands and marketing agencies, what are you waiting for?

Blik design competition

All of the designs for this contest