What is constant promotional tool on every marketing campaigns, contests or promotions? What creates excitement on today’s youth culture? First remembered item is ipod. Ipod represent status of cool, perceived value of it is much more than its real value. So, there are millions of contests, promotions… to promise to give an ipod.


I guess that Threadless will be new ipod. Threadless’ only customer will not only be individual customers. Brands also will be important parts of Threadless. I think they will discover Threadless and its impact on youth culture and will try to benefit it at their marketing campaigns. Ready for threadless based marketing campaigns.


The latest buzz on Threadless is Goldentag.  If you receive your order and your shirt has a gold foil tag you win a free tee of your choice!


There is one golden tag for each size printed of a design. If you’re one of the lucky purchasers just take a photo of you and your gold tag and email it to goldentag@threadless.com and we’ll get back to you!  (via Threadless)