What is constant promotional tool on every marketing campaigns, contests or promotions? What creates excitement on today’s youth culture? First remembered item is ipod. Ipod represent status of cool, perceived value of it is much more than its real value. So, there are millions of contests, promotions… to promise to give an ipod.


I guess that Threadless will be new ipod. Threadless’ only customer will not only be individual customers. Brands also will be important parts of Threadless. I think they will discover Threadless and its impact on youth culture and will try to benefit it at their marketing campaigns. Ready for threadless based marketing campaigns.


Song of the T-shirt

June 27, 2006

Threadless is different, Threadless is more than a t-shirt company, they are a cool community across the T-shirt culture. They’ve really great tools to create this unique community. One of these i’ve recently discovered is song of T-shirt. Bob Nanna is writing short short songs for the new t-shirts on Threadless. And they call it a “song about this tee by Bob Danna”. People can listen the short song or download it, while they are surfing. Songs are great tool to connect emotionally.


Emotions and stories are important for brands. Maybe the first time ever, a brand tell stories with songs. I am sure, other brands will follow Threadless on telling brand stories with songs. Remember, Threadless success on sharing images inspired other brands. For example, Amazon followed Threadless on encouraging customer images.

Threadless 12 Club

June 18, 2006

Threadless 12 club is a great service from Threadless. You get a new limited edition tee sent to you EVERY MONTH for an entire year! Designs are chosen by Threadless crew from all submissions received. It is possible that a guest designer may be asked to design a tee for some months which would bypass the submission process.


It is also very affordable. 12 standart tees cost 272$ dolar, but 12 club's exclusive tees cost only 200$. Great deal. Feel the exclusivity and trust threadless's taste 🙂

Link to 12 club