You shouldnt miss those tee’s!

November 23, 2006

Buy them all, these are my favs of New Year Madness at Threadless!

Here is my list!

fav 01

fav 02

fav 03

fav 04

fav 05

fav 06


10 Responses to “You shouldnt miss those tee’s!”

  1. Jay@duds Says:

    Hey are you guys coming back soon? We miss your posts!

  2. mc Says:

    Hey! I run a website that has a lot of Threadless tee’s on it too.

    It’s been awhile since you last posted, you should again!

  3. what happened to the posts? we need more t-shirt blogs.

  4. love the et in phone booth.

  5. defenetly good tee designs in here! some of ’em should be reprinted but there are alot more that should be reprinted as well..
    I hope big threadless hear us hear and reprint some of those great designs 😉

  6. Ray Dominick Says:

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